United States Aikido Federation

The major benefit of the United States Aikido Federation comes from its dissemination of knowledge. With several Shihans (master instructors) circulating about in the United States giving seminars, teaching at summer camps,. etc., we are provided with a diversity of knowledge and styles necessary for the continued development of our Aikido. (For further promotions of Dan grades, attending these seminars is mandatory.) Another source of knowledge is from visiting Hombu dignitaries. At least twice a year these people come to us with new ideas in our ever developing art. These visits, usually in the form of seminars, stimulate and invigorate all of us, and help the Shihans maintain what might otherwise be a lethargic, stagnated, fragmented collection of unorganized schools.

A direct line of communication exists from Hombu to the USAF. This provides direct certification of Dan grades and worldwide recognition of all promotions.

Nearly every year, members are given a chance to make a pilgrimage to Hombu Dojo. This is a reduced fare plane trip for a month long stay in Japan. The prime reason for this trip is for the student to acquire some of the cultural background of the Japanese people as well as having the privilege of studying at Hombu.

Because teachers are being certified by the USAF. Teachers Committee, the teaching of Aikido will continue to rise to a higher level.

A standardization of all tests and the testing being given only by specifically designated teachers, is one of the great boons of a well run organization.

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