General Glossary

AI-HANMI:The partners are facing each other in a mutual stance.

AIKI:Harmonizing of ki.

AIKIKAI:Aikido club or organization.

ATEMI:The use of striking techniques.

BOKKEN:Wooden sword.

BUDO:Any Japanese martial art.

DAN:Black belt rank.

DOJO:A place where martial arts training takes place.

DOSHU:The title of the present leader of Aikido.

DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU:Thank you very much.


GI:Practice uniform.

GYAKU HANMI:The partners stand in opposite triangular stances.

HANMI:A triangular stance; the basic onęguard position.

HANMI HANDACHI:Nage is in sitting posture and uke attacks from a standing posture.


HAKAMA:Wide skirted pants worn over the gi; typically worn by Yudansha.

HIDARI GAMAE:Left natural posture.

JO:Wooden staff.

JO TORI:Technique applied against attack with jo.


KATA:1) Series of movements. 2) Shoulder.

KI:Inner energy based on calmness, vital force of the body.

KOKYU-HO:A method of coordinating breath power and body movement to increase one's ki power.

KOKYU-RYOKU:A breath power emanating from the abdomen.

KYU:Student's grade below black belt rank.

MAAI:The proper distance between uke and nage. MIGI-GAMAE: Right natural posture.

NAGE:The partner executing the technique.

ONEGAI SHIMASU:Please let us practice. Recited when bowing to Sensei at the opening of practice and to each practice partner.

OSAE:A pin, a method of holding down

O SENSEI:Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido

REI:Proper bowing


SEIZA:Proper sitting. Warrior posture.


SHIKKO:A technique of walking on the knees

SUWARI-WAZA:Techniques done from a sitting position in which uke and nage employ

TACHI:1) A sword. 2) Standing up.

TACHI-TORI:Techniques applied against attacks with a bokken.

TACHI-WAZA:Techniques done with uke and nage standing.


TAI-SABAKI:Body movement.

TANTO:A wooden knife.

TANTO-TORI:Techniques applied against knife attacks.

TSUKI:Thrust or punch.

UKE:The partner initiating the attack.

UKEMI:Protective falling.


YUDANSHA:Person holding black belt rank.

ZEN:A form of meditation based on a Japanese philosophy

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