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  Yamada, Yoshimitsu:

The New Aikido Complete, Lyle Stewart Inc. Secaucus, N.J., 1981
USAF techniques and testing requirements. A must.

(note: This book is out of print, Ultimate Aikido is suggested)
Tohei, Koichi:

Aikido, The Arts of Self-Defense, Rikugei Publishing House, Tokyo, Japan, 1961.
Contains deeper explanations of many Aikido warm-ups and ki exercises that facilitate technique.

Book of Ki: Coordinating Mind and Body in Daily Life, Japan Publishing, Inc., Tokyo, Japan & NY, 1976.

Ki in Daily Life, Ki no Kenkyukai, H.Q., Tokyo, Japan, 1978.
How to live in harmony using ki principles. Very useful for those who have never practiced Aikido as well as an aikidoka.

Saotome, Mitsugi:

Aikido and the Harmony of Nature, Sedirep, Boulogne, France, 1986.
Founder of schools of Ueshiba shares his personal meetings with O'Sensei. Creative insights conveyed through personal illustrations and calligraphy.

The Principles of Aikido, Shambhala, Boston & Shaftsbury, 1989.


Ueshiba, Kisshomaru:

The Spirit of Aikido, Kodansha International, Ltd., Japan, 1984.
Deep philosophy and concepts of Aikido as well as historical developments by O'Sensei's son.

Aikido, Hozansho Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, 1985
Good photos and explanations of techniques as well as some very profound thoughts by O'Sensei.
Saito, Morihiro:

Traditional Aikido, Vol. 1-5, Minato Research & Publishing Co., Tokyo, Japan, 1976.
Founder of Iwama Style Aikido. Contains organized weapons system in relation to empty- handed techniques (contains 31-count kata and 7 sword suburi).
Heckler, Richard Struzzi:

Aikido and the New Warrior, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA., 1985 Inspiring short-stories related to Aikido. Contains A Kind Word Turneth Away Wrath by Terry Dobson, etc.

In Search of the Warrior Spirit, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA., 1990.

Siegel, Andrea:

Women in Aikido, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA., 1993
Leonard, George:

Mastery, Dutton, N.Y., N.Y., 1991

Stevens, John:

Aikido and the Way of Harmony, Shambala, Boulder & London, 1984. Steven Sensei has written many interesting books on Aikido. Here he presents his teacher Shiata Sensei and his style of organizing the art.

The Art of Peace, Shambala Pocket Classics, Boulder & London, 1992

Abundant Peace, The Biography of Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido, Shambala, Boston & London, 1987.



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